An Oasis of positive energy in the Midst of daily pressures

The range of facilities made available to residents at the Rukan compound encourages a healthy lifestyle made possible in a fun and enjoyable way.

Club House

The clubhouse offers a congregational space where you can entertain and socialize to your heart’s content. It serves as a platform where family and friends can interact and unwind in a communal; exchange of joy.


One of the most attractive components of the development is its vast spread greenery and spacious walking areas that offer you a chance to reconnect with the serenity and beauty of nature in bloom.

Swimming Pool

Beat the Heat with a daily splash in the communal swimming pool. What better way to cap a tiring day out than dipping into the cool waters flowing just meters away from each home in the compound. With controlled water temperatures, life at Rukan means that everyday can be summer day.


Enjoy state of the art machinery at the gym facilities within the compound. The central gym has a carefully selected variety of equipment that promises a wholesome exercise experience. Whether you’re looking for a light jog in an air-conditioned setting, or an intensive rowing workout, you can do so within the comfort of your home environment.